About Us

Hello There! smiley

I am here to share you my story! I am Juliana Ng, the founder and designer of Lickstudio, and in 2018, I'm presenting you Lickstudio's sister brand: STARRY! 


It all started when I met all my customers, my colleagues, my friends and everyone I've encountered during my years in Lickstudio. I've listened to all the words and pour it into this new brand of mine. I want this brand to be more personal to you, I want this brand to tell you my stories, how we develop the design into a real product, and most importantly I want this brand to make you shine as bright as a star. 


Me and my assistant designer, Maria Jessica, have been working really hard to deliver an affordable yet comfortable clothes for you. We source the fabrics locally by ourselves, mostly from roll end fabrics so our products are in limited quantity! Afterwards, we started making the samples to review the fit, and then we send our samples to local production team. 


I always adore a mother who is strong and capable of raising childrens by her own, pouring her unconditional love to her babies no matter how much she sacrificed. I aspire to create clothes with the stated lady in my mind; extremely strong, feminine, classy, kind hearted and heart-warming. I hope that STARRY could be your journey partner in becoming the woman of your dreams.


We are open for any comments and critiques, please email us at customercare@iamstarry.net to send anything in your mind! We want to hear your feedbacks and stories. We need YOU to build STARRY to become a better label heart